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From chilhood I always dreamed about owning a 'big grey shaggy dog'. I had read the book 'Finn the Wolfhound' by A.S. Milne and although it was never my favourite story, the dog captured my imagination. Eventually I decided my heart lay not with Wolfhounds but the Deerhound and they were everything I wanted in a dog, gentle, obedient to live with, athletic and fun. Glenn wanted us to wait until we had more space.

Lucy with Dinky the cat

Who loves you babe?

Our first dog was Lucy A border Collie cross Lab. We had been married just 3 weeks when we got her, she was absolutely mad, she chewed up everything, including taking the skirting boards off, then plaster then the bricks out of a very substantial (ex) wall. No amount of walks could wear her out, but she was faithful, sweet natured and bags of fun. No one normal person would ever have put up with her, but we loved her for 14 years and still miss her now.

Aggie of the Highlands

Rab andGlenn

Aggie and Rab

Glenn and Pip

Lucy was 11 years when we got our first Deerhound Aggie of the Highlands, that was 1988. She came inadvertantly through the Exchange and Mart, we knew very little about the Kennel Club back then! When we lost Lucy 3 years later we decided we needed another Deerhound so we took ourself off to \Crufts on the 1st year it was at the NEC. there we saw many more Deerhounds than we could image and met a lot of lovely helpful owners, who eventually pointed us in the direction of Eve Jarrett (Braybrooke) . She had a litter of pups and we went to Wales to see them and ordered a dog puppy. Eve talked to us about showing and we thought it sounded fun and decided to have a go.


Our first show was the Houndshow at Stafford, we were the only entry in puppy dog and Anastasia Noble was the judge. We were advised what to do by a very calm and helpful lady aat the ringside who turned out to be Norah Hartley. We showed Aggie there too and she also won a first. It turned out she was a nice quality bitch but hated the show ring and after being spoilt for the last 3 years of her life she was not about to perform to order, so we gave up.

By this time we had looked at what we liked in the ring and approached Glenis Peach for a foundation bitch to show and breed from. We were very lucky to have Kilbourne Vanity the daughter of the very beautiful Ch Kilbourne Ruby and Ch Hyndsight Fedora. and a sister to Ch Kilbourne Velvet. We had some success with her, although with a more expect hander I am sure she could have done more. She was my absolute favourite dog of all times and we adored each other. She was digified and graceful, a real lady.

Kilbourne Vanity

Vanity, mated to Ch Killoeter Loch Laiden, produced our 1st Greyflax offspring. one big fat bitch puppy Greyflax Sorrell, she was proud of her and an attentive mother. Fortunately her next attempt was more successful and she produced 9 pups, 6 girls 4 boys and we kept Greyflax Clover, Glenis had Greyflax Lilly (named after Vanity's pet name) Sorrel went on to produce Ch Greyflax Skylark and Lilly was the dam of Ch Kilbourne Tiffannie to Greyflax. Both Tiffannie and Skylark have whelped 2 litters each Greyflax Guinevere is out of Tiffannie's 1st litter by Ch Kilbourne Celtic to Hammonds and was BOB Group 4 at Crufts 2005.

Bran and Skylark Crufts competing for Best Puppy

They joined forces years later and produced Greyflax It's a Kind of Magic and Greyflax Myth to Kilbourne

As well as Deerhounds we have had a variety of 'pets' over the years. Glenn has had quite a selction of reptiles, various rats mice and cats the list goes on but now after losing our beloved Parson Jack Russell terrier Rab we have a border terrier bitch from the Dandyhow line. She is known as Pip as is as bright as a button.

The team at Bailey's hair design

The midland gang

We keep a few birds, Glenn has engliash quail, Two Fawn and white Indian runner ducks, cornish game bantams and two dove cotes of white fan tails doves Oh and a rescue pet crow called Russell.

Apart from all that I run a large hairdressing business salon in Hickley Town Centre (Bailey's Hair Design) which keeps me busy. My sister stefanie and hur husband are angels helping with pups and seeing to the dogs when we are out all day at shows. My 8 year old neice Bonnie is very tuned in with the animals as she has quite a large selection of them at home. My mum has a super little dog know as a lapeekipoo, Dolly to her friends, she is of course a cross between a Llasa Apso, Peek and Poodle and is very brave, incredibly pretty and a first class companion.

Glenn comes from a country background, his family still have a small hollding and various dogs, mainly terriers, they breed and show rare breed poultry, geese and cage birds. For many years have also grow orchids, fushias as well as having vast dutch light greenhouses of tomatoes. the best I have ever tasted. Glenn is a keen naturalist, his specialist subject is coleaptara (British beetles) of which he has a well documented collection.

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