pedigree here

Aggie was our first deerhound, I aquired her through a dog finding service in the Exchange and Mart. Glenn was a little concerned until he set eyes on her. She was devopted to Glenn and he to her from the moment they set eyes on each other.

We showed Aggie a little bit but she hated the show ring and was as awkward and unresponsive in the show ring as she could be. She displayed sheer joy the moment we left it and the judge was not longer looking. It was a shame as she turned out to be a really nice quality bitch, but she got her own way, as Aggie always did, and we stopped showing her.

To live with she was very obedient, happy and a real comedian. Aggie died at the age of 10 year of a 'mystery' illness and the post mortem didn't reaveal any more. She left a huge gap in our home as she was a great charater.