Greyflax Clover, sister to Greyflax Lilly to Kilbourne, was a very beautiful bitch, an exquisite head and dark soalful eyes. She was very quiet and easy to live with but a born killer om the field. She refularly caught our fan tails doves in midair and sometimes I ever got them back out of her mouth in the nick of time.

At two ears of age she bloated, we were very lucky we caught her in time and she survived. She was Best Puppy at Crufts in 1997 and did well in the short time we showed, her movement was exceptional.

At just over 2 years of age she had a fall on wet grass early one morning at Chatsworth estate while chasing a hare and dameged her spine, she became disabled and we were never able to show her again. She lived a long happy life, we nicknamed her the weeble, she wobbled but never fell over. She ran like the wind for about 100 metres then would spin around and go off like a clockwork doll in the other direction. The rabbit and dove population were a lot safer and our dogs all started running again as Clover could no longer course them. She also became less aloof with our visitors, as she could no longer dive upstairs, she lived downstairs and greeted everyone who arrived.

Clover never had to visit the vet again all her life so we concluded that rather than being weak she was a very strong survivor.